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DRAFT DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN Revised September 2015 CFA Society Toronto has created the following policies and procedures so that in the event of a disaster, it will be able to resume operations within a reasonable time frame. Data Backup and Recovery CFA Society Toronto has taken steps to protect its server and database information by using the CloudBAK backup service. This service automatically backs up the society's information on a daily basis and stores it remotely. In the event of a server malfunction or some other such disaster, the society will be able to restore information from the backup onto a new server. The amount of time required for restoration will be dependent upon the acquisition of a new server if required. Accounting/Financial Records CFA Society Toronto has outsourced its accounting and bookkeeping to Charity acCounts! The company has taken the following measures to safeguard the society's financial records: • Computerized accounting records are backed up to a USB key which remains offsite • Three people are familiar with the accounting records and workings of the society and one shall be available to perform duties in the absence of another • Accounting source documents are kept locked in a filing cabinet at the company's office • Accounting source documents will be returned to the society after the year end audit is complete Human Resources In accordance with the Employee Policies and Procedures dated November 2009, should a disaster occur in which staff are unable to enter/access the office building, all staff are to meet at the Union Station clock tower on Front Street, south side and wait for further instructions. The CEO will take an employee count to ensure that all employees have evacuated safely. Premises The Property Manager for 120 Adelaide Street West is Oxford Properties. They have adopted a Fire Safety Plan in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code, Section 2.8. Each staff member has been given a copy of the plan. In the event that the building will be inaccessible to staff the CEO will make arrangements for temporary and/or alternate space. CFA Society Toronto Board Manual 2016 Page 109 of 194

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