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BOARD OF DIRECTORS' OPERATING GUIDELINES Revised 25-August-2015 Assessing BOD Performance a) There is a process for annually assessing the performance of the BOD. The objective of this review is to contribute to a process of continuous improvement in the BOD's execution of its responsibilities and ensure appropriate level of diversity is achieved on BOD. The review should identify areas where the directors or management believe that the BOD could be working more effectively. b) The evaluation process may change from year to year. c) A peer review has been created to evaluate individual directors. The Chair has the responsibility to deal with individual director issues or problems that may occur from time to time. Outside Advisors for Committees and Directors Occasionally, a committee or a director may need the services of a consultant or an advisor to assist with matters involving their responsibilities. A committee or director who wishes to engage an outside advisor at the expense of the society must first obtain approval from the Executive Committee, generally in consultation with the CEO, and subsequently, the approval of the BOD. Management Support for Directors a) Each board member and/or committee will be assigned a person from management to support them in the delivery of programs, services, and/or other areas that relate to the vision and mission of the society as well as the committee's terms of reference. a) Management will provide board members and/or committees with relevant information, research, analysis, and reporting needed to achieve its goals. b) Management will provide administrative support in terms of providing available dates for forthcoming meetings, booking facilities, arranging for food and/or refreshments, and providing copies of agendas and other support materials submitted in advance by the Chair and/or committee members. Directors (and/or Chairs) will be required to solicit consent from committee members as to its meeting dates and inform management of decisions so that facilities can be booked in advance. c) Other types of administrative support will be established at the beginning of each year and approved by the CEO and/or COOto ensure that resources are properly allocated. CFA Society Toronto Board Manual 2016 Page 13 of 194

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