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TERMS OF REFERENCE – MEMBERSHIP Revised August-2015 Scope of the Position The purpose of the position is to chair or be an active member of a committee that ensures membership applications to CFA Society Toronto (the Society) are reviewed in a timely, accurate and consistent manner for regular, affiliate, and associate memberships. The Chair will act as a liaison between the Society Board of Directors and CFA Institute in membership matters. Additionally the committee will review member services (including affinity programs) on an ongoing basis for the purpose of advising the board, staff and committees of opportunities for improvement and development. The Membership Committee is a standing committee which shall: a) consist of a director and at least two or more other Regular Members who are CFA charterholders; b) review all applications for membership in the CFA Society Toronto; and c) submit recommendations of acceptance or rejection to the board. In special cases where the Membership Committee is unable to render a decision on an application, the case will be brought forward to a tribunal, consisting of the officers of the CFA Society Toronto. The decision of the tribunal will be final and its recommendation of acceptance or rejection will be submitted to the board. The committee's mandate is defined by the board of CFA Society Toronto, and is governed by CFA Society Toronto policies and by-laws. Goals: • To ensure that applicants to the society meet membership requirements and work with CFA Institute to clarify any issues that may arise during the membership process. • Consider matters relating to the delivery of services to the membership and make recommendations for new member services and activities. Duties and Responsibilities • Attend all meetings of the board • Ensure that the committee is sufficiently staffed and the appropriate skill sets are covered. • Manage committee structure to ensure volunteers are motivated • Call committee meetings on a regular basis to ensure 30 day approval process is achieved • Ensure that all applicants meet the basic membership requirements and follow-up on any questioned applications with CFA Institute via the society's office liaison • Present a monthly list of applicants to the board for approval (completed via electronic vote effective July 2012) Time Commitment • 4 hours per month, in addition to 10 board meetings per annum Characteristics • Current CFA Society Toronto member and charterholder in good standing. • Effective manager and team leader. • Attention to detail. CFA Society Toronto Board Manual 2016 Page 31 of 194

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