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TERMS OF REFERENCE – NOMINATING Policy and Procedures MANDATE Part of the Governance and Nominations Committee's (G&N) mandate is to recommend individuals for consideration as members of the board of directors and to recommend individuals for Executive Committee roles. The recommendation shall include the individual and their proposed portfolio if any. RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITIES • Nominate individuals who in its best judgment will give the board a wide and balanced range of individuals. • Select the very best candidates as nominees while striving to have a diversity of the CFA Society Toronto membership represented. • Be mindful of such considerations as the society's strong commitment to the CFA designation and the important role of society activities in its members' professional lives. • Be mindful of the diversity of job functions, industry sectors, and other differences in members' perspectives to achieve a board who can effectively act in the best of interest of all society members. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND COMPOSITION • The G&N reports to the board of directors of CFA Society Toronto. The G&N is composed annually of: o The Past President (Chair); o The Vice President; o 1 Board member; and o 3 individuals outside of the Board of Directors who are Regular Members In Good Standing of the society. • The G&N Chair is responsible for soliciting a board of director and other members to fill the G&N positions. No later than the January board meeting, the G&N Chair will inform the board of those individuals selected to sit on the Committee, subject to the approval by the board. • The CEO or delegate provides any professional and administrative support as requested by the G&N but does not participate in G&N meetings. • A member serving on the G&N may be nominated for an Executive Committee position by another member but must then recuse him/herself from the nominations selection process. • All G&N members have the obligation to disclose any and all conflicts of interest. • The G&N will take every effort to protect the privacy of candidates while keeping the nomination process open and transparent. NOMINATION CRITERIA Members of the G&N will be looking for preferred candidates who possess the following qualities: • are regular members of CFA Society Toronto and hold a CFA charter (excluding ex-officio members) • have served the profession in general and CFA Society Toronto and/or CFA Institute • have a strong commitment to the CFA designation • have distinguished themselves by their professional achievements • reflect the diversity of CFA Society Toronto • are able to devote the requisite time to fulfill their duties as CFA Society Toronto board members • respect their colleagues and are oriented towards teamwork CFA Society Toronto Board Manual 2016 Page 36 of 194

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