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Revised August 2014 VOLUNTEER CODE OF CONDUCT Volunteers are CFA Society Toronto's (the "Society") most valuable resources and will be recognized, supported and encouraged when acting on the Society's behalf. The guiding principles in working with volunteers are as follows: 1. The board of directors (the "Board"), management office and volunteers of the Society represent and work for the benefit of the 8,000+ members of the Society, who are our most important constituent. We would like to see everyone involved with Society operations working in the spirit of co-operation and collegiality. We support working for and with members for their collective benefit; we do not support individual agendas and will discourage this practice. 2. The management office will help volunteers to maximize their effort and minimize their time through providing the support necessary to execute the volunteers' roles and should be utilized whenever needed. As a volunteer, I shall: 1. Not represent or speak on behalf of the Board or the Society unless properly authorized to do so by the Board. 2. When moderating member sessions and events, adhere to the guidelines developed for such circumstances. Kindly refer to the "Event Planning Guidelines" for reference. 3. In situations that are unusual and/or where there is uncertainty as to the best action, seek direction from my respective committee chair. If the matter cannot be resolved at that level, seek guidance from the executive committee and/or the management office. 4. To protect the privacy of the Society's members, not use or disclose any confidential information, data or material relating to the business, affairs or property of the Society or its members. 5. Review and adhere to the terms of the Society's then current bylaws, codes, guidelines and policies, including without limitation this Volunteer Code of Conduct, the Society's conflict of interest policy and the Society's guideline for Canada's anti-spam legislation. *** I, the undersigned, have read and understand all the information in this document and I agree to conduct my activities in accordance with its contents. Name: ___________________________________ Committee: ____________________________ (please print) ___________________________________ (signature of Volunteer) Date: ___________________________________ CFA Society Toronto Board Manual 2016 Page 41 of 194

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