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Page 1 of 4 I. PURPOSE CFA Society Toronto (the Society) goals include professional and business development for members, advancement of the profession and especially ethical behavior within it, and promotion of the CFA Charter as the pre-eminent qualification in the finance services industry. OBJECTIVE Sponsorship assists to: Increase the breadth, depth and quality of programs offered to members, Offset fixed costs associated with infrastructure and programs, and Enhance by association the reputation of the Society and the CFA Charter. Core Beliefs The Society believes sponsor relationships with credible and well respected financial organizations and sharing of our core values helps to achieve our mission by assisting in society goals. II. BACKGROUND Key Sponsorship Tenets Sponsors while helpful in meeting Society objectives can be harmful if a relationship ends poorly or the association begets reputational damage. Therefore the first tenet is this activity should bring no harm to the Society's reputation or ability to function effectively. A second starts with the observation the Society attracts various sponsor types broadly defined as full or partial partnerships, event sponsors and advertisers. At a high level the Board will have strategic level involvement in partnerships. The higher the level of involvement and importance of the sponsor the greater will be Board oversight. Potential partners will require board approval. Correspondingly the lesser the overall importance of the relationship the more Society staff will take the lead in defining relationships. Management has broad flexibility over benefits once a partner is approved. Thirdly, sponsorship revenues are risky as funding sources because they ebb and flow with market sentiment and firm profitability. Sudden drops can impact the ability to produce programming and potentially also indicate problems with important relationships. In order to reduce risk of significant and sudden funding losses effort will be made to attain multi-year relationships. Finally, oversight of this program is important and will consist of quarterly reports to the Board on the extent, type and vulnerability of sponsorship, routine reviews of the program by the Finance Committee and ongoing monitoring and measurement against targets. III. POLICY REQUIREMENTS Definitions CFA Society Toronto Board Manual 2016 Page 57 of 194

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