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BOARD MANUAL 2016 - TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I Society Overview Board of Directors' Contact Information 1 Society Management Office Contact Information 2 2014-2015 Board & Executive Meeting Dates 4 Board of Directors' Forward Agenda 5 Current Organization Structure 6 Vision & Mission 7 Business Platform 8 Event Types 9 Section II Terms of Reference and Guidelines Board of Directors' Operating Guidelines 11 Legal Responsibilities 14 Management Operating Guidelines 15 Committee Descriptions 17 Terms of Reference for the Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary-Treasurer; Past Chair; CEO Board Member at Large; Outreach; Member Services; Membership; Programs; 21 Standing Committees – Audit, Governance & Nominations, Membership 33 Terms of Reference - Nominating Policy & Procedures 36 Terms of Reference for the Executive Committee 39 Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee 40 Section III Policies and Processes Volunteer Code of Conduct 41 Director Code of Conduct 42 Conflict of Interest Policy 43 Conflict Resolution Guidelines 45 CASL Guidelines 48 Board Assessment 56 Sponsorship Policy 57 Risk Management D&O Insurance Policy 61 Financial Policies – General Operating Guidelines, Investment Policy, Reserve Policy 74 Privacy Policy 87 Website Terms of Use 94 Website Registration Terms & Conditions 105 Draft Disaster Recovery Plan 109 Proper Use of Name and Trademark 111 Appendix I Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Articles of Incorporation 114 Bylaws 118 Appendix II General Reference About CFA Institute – Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives; Overview of Board of Governors and PCRs 135 About the Canadian Advocacy Council (CAC) 150

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